A Thorough Vetting Process for Technical Candidates

Vetting candidates is all about matching our clients’ needs with the skills of top-tier technical talent.

Vet Top Talent

Vetting Technical Talent
for the Right Stuff

We perform our exhaustive vetting process on each candidate prior to exposing them to your company. Below is a brief overview of the type of information we obtain from candidates, custom tailored to your unique hiring needs and requirements of the position.

Market Position

Market Position

  • If we asked around, what are you known for?
  • What technologies and platforms you are you strongest with?
  • Describe what you build; what does it do? What is its purpose for your company?
  • What have you accomplished that stands out?
  • Where has your contribution made a difference or affected change?
Wish List

Wish List

  • What’s the function of the job you want next? What’s your second choice?
  • What’s your industry preference? Why?
  • What does the ideal size and culture for your next company look like?
  • How far are you willing to commute?
  • What is your current, target, and minimum acceptable compensation?
  • What specific companies are you interested in working for?


  • What are your thoughts on how you are being managed? How organized is your current company?
  • Why would you want to leave your current company? Why are you not content?
  • What aspects of your job would you change?
  • How soon could you start a new job upon receiving an offer?
  • How will you react to the counter offer?
  • What specific requirements do you have before accepting a new job (benefits, hours, etc.)?
Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence Gathering

  • How’s the overall morale at your current company?
  • What other opportunities are you pursuing?
  • What did you like/dislike about the opportunities? What was the feedback?
  • How did you get into the technology field? What are your interests outside work?
  • Referrals- now that you understand what I do, who do you respect in your field?
Candidate vetting in the technology space requires hands-on experience in the art of evaluating tech talent. Of course, we ask questions, but we mostly listen to answers. We evaluate technical acumen as well as the overall person to match our candidates’ skills with our clients’ needs.
Monica M. Boyles

I have worked with Strafftec for a couple of years during various stages of my career. Darrin takes a personal interest in each candidate and has that special ability to match qualified candidates to his Client's needs. He knows what his Clients want in an employee and he provides top-notch candidates.

Monica M. Boyles

Technical Lead at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Larry Maio

Strafftec and I have worked together since 2006 on numerous jobs to find the right people that are the right fit for the job at hand. Strafftec stands out amongst similar professionals in that, all the people that he has recommended to me have been all met and exceeded the requirements for the job. It is Darrin’s (and Strafftec’s) detailed oriented work that sets them apart from similar organizations that just toss resume after resume at you without thoroughly interviewing the people for the job. Highly recommend!

Larry Maio

Senior Infrastructure Specialist

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“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

American business magnate