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As a Software Developer I’ve worked with plenty of Recruiters, both as a hiring manager and a recruited candidate. Strafftec stands out amongst their peers because they focus their time and effort on developing lasting relationships with Developers. When I first met Darrin he called me out of the blue and at the time I wasn’t looking for a job. Still, he seemed genuinely interested in what I did, what my professional goals were, what an ideal job might look like for me. He promised to keep in touch and that was it. No pressure. During that time he’s reached out to me a number of times, just to check in and see how things were going with me professionally. When I finally did reach out to him and began quietly poking around, Strafftec was professional, sensitive to my situation and very confidential. Interestingly Strafftec only pitched me one job. And it was a perfect fit. In getting to know me Darrin was able to match up a fantastic job to my particular skill set and career wish list. He is the first recruiter who has ever worked as an Advisor: helping clarify my market position and wish list. And he was just a great sounding board. Strafftec is a no pressure recruiter. He looked after my best interests all around. I never got the feeling that I had to take his clients’ job. If you’re looking for someone who’ll take the time to get to know you professionally and use that information to hook you up with some excellent matches then look no further. Strafftec is a Recruiter I highly recommend.

JD Smith

Senior Software Engineer at ProductPlan


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