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Strafftec has developed a proven process for identifying, screening and securing high performance technical candidates.

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A Rigorous Recruiting Process

The search process is more art than science, which explains why Monster never replaced recruiters as they promised to do in 2005. Recruiters still exist is because Tech Recruiting is a relationship -based service. Our model cultivates relationships between technology specialists and companies with technology-related projects. We conduct business like a sports management agency that represents world-class athletes.

1Internal Approval

Our research team utilizes your job description and any information gathered during our client assessment to perform a job market analysis. We’ll address any concerns that may arise and offer recommendations.

2Client Approval

We secure your approval of our interpretation of the job description. Once you acknowledge Strafftec has a complete understanding of the position’s requirements, the search begins.

3Existing Portfolio Sorting

We narrow the field of existing candidates through a sorting process that matches the candidate’s criteria for their own job change with your mandatory requirements. The semi-finalists that emerge from this process will be reevaluated by our team.

4New Candidate Acquisition

In addition to sorting through our existing portfolio, our recruiters will gather prospects from the job market. All are assessed with no reference to you, our client. This produces an unbiased evaluation of the candidate’s desire for change without “baiting” the candidate.

5Candidate Presentation

We present all viable candidates and include a summary of their market position, wish list, special requirements, and availability to interview with a proofed résumé.

6Client/Candidate Interviews

We will coordinate or assist in setting up all interviews. If all parties have been prepared equally, the interviews should flow easily.

7Client/Candidate Debriefing

We connect with you after debriefing the candidate. We’ve found that debriefings are conducted best on the day after an interview as opposed to immediately after the interview. A fresh mind is important since the debriefing is one of the most important parts of the process.


We can “hypothetically” offer your job before formally extending it. Any concerns from the candidate will be addressed and presented to you. If the “hypothetical” offer is accepted, we will gain authority to accept the offer on the candidate’s behalf.
Chakradhar Sreeramoju

It’s has been an absolute pleasure working with Strafftec. Darrin always there to listen, understand & help-out. His passion to excel & attention to the minute details amazes me.

Chakradhar Sreeramoju

Architect / Engineering Manager - Software Development

Grant Challenger

Strafftec and I collaborated on the type of SE resource I was looking for. Darrin was game for working with non-traditional resources and looking in non-traditional companies for an employed VCP. Not only did he find him but he is a great contributor to the sales team.

Grant Challenger

Director IoT at VMware

Use Strafftec’s proven technical recruiting process to secure top talent.

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“Executives owe it to the organization and to their fellow workers not to tolerate nonperforming individuals in important jobs.”

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker

American-Austrian educator