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Strafftec recruits exceptional talent and builds strong teams. We think of technical recruiting like scouting athletes for the NHL.

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Technical Recruiting
for High Performance Teams

Did you realize that technical recruiting is a critical part of the tech development lifecycle? If you don’t think of it that way, Strafftec wants to help you understand why talent acquisition is the most powerful tool in an Tech Executive’s arsenal.

We liken clients to General Managers of professional sports teams. The objective of an NHL GM is the same as our clients: build the strongest team possible, within salary cap, that gives you the best chance to win. Like a finely tuned professional hockey team, our clients seek high caliber technical talent to deliver incredible results at a speed and energy that competitors simply can’t match.

A Competitive Technical Candidate Market

If you’ve been following the technology candidate market over the past few years, you’re aware that finding top technical talent is as challenging for companies as it is for NHL teams to find a talented goalie. You’re the General Manager. The technology managers and tech professionals you hire are your athletes. As a technical recruiter, our role is equal parts Talent Agent, Manager, and Scout.

To scout an NHL player, you must have an expert understanding of the game of hockey, which is incredibly complex under the surface. You must have experience evaluating and quantifying players. You must know what makes a great player and how to spot them since you’ll be observing thousands of talented athletes. And only then do you introduce NHL teams to the very best prospects. Technology Recruiting functions in a similar manner.

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Rigo Rojas

Strafftec's approach to job placement is their number one asset. I worked with Darrin while leaving a job that I kind of enjoyed and landed a dream job. He always kept me updated on the best positions available that met the criteria for the job we were looking for. He is a friendly person and genuinely cares that the match made works for all the parties involved. Strafftec is a company I will definitely be working with in the future.

Rigo Rojas

Web Application Developer at National Football League

Elena Nikitina

Strafftec found me a great job that was a perfect fit for my skills. Darrin took the time to understand what direction I wanted to take my career, he offered advice and suggestions. He gave me information on the job market, even helped me tweak my resume. He prepared me before going into interviews and handled all the negotiations. He takes a very professional, hands on approach to recruiting. He’s well organized and follows through. The job was such a good fit I was promoted within a few months after starting work. I would work with Strafftec again and recommend their services.

Elena Nikitina

Front End Software Engineer at Apple

Build Your Superstar Technical Team

If you’re trying to build a talented team of technical superstars, large or small, for projects simple or complex, does it make sense to use an HR Generalist to scout, evaluate, and recruit that technical talent? Plenty of companies do this, sometimes for valid reasons, but they’re missing out on a distinct advantage.

When you build your technical team with Strafftec, you’re working with an expert team of scouts, managers and agents – all with years of experience specifically focused on scouting, evaluating and placing technical talent on high functioning project teams. Let our expertise help you build and scale teams with the Rockstar talent you’ve been searching for.

Recruit Your Team

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“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

American business magnate